VICTOR project
Remote expert tools for construction companies integrating large scale models and multi user game software and data systems
Enabling immersive remote collaboration and oversight on complex construction projects
Allowing offsite construction experts to efficiently oversee and support complex, interdependent site activity
Construction projects involve complex, project-based site activities with interdependencies. Site managers must ensure activities are delivered efficiently and effectively. Non-site experts provide essential support but lose productivity travelling to sites from central offices. With an ageing workforce, delays from lack of expert input can cost ~£50k/day. There was no existing solution for immersive, efficient collaboration.
Development of the Victor platform to integrate live site data into an interactive virtual environment
The Victor solution streams live video, sensor data, and large 3D BIM models from construction sites into an interactive virtual site powered by UnrealEngine5 gaming engine. This allows remote experts to explore the virtual site collaboratively, take measurements, annotate, and collaborate with onsite staff in real-time as if present. The virtual environment works across computer (desktop and laptop) devices.
Victor enables efficient remote oversight and collaboration, improving productivity and reducing costs
By providing immersive remote access, Victor allows experts to identify and resolve issues quickly without costly site visits. It reduces unproductive travel time, keeps projects on schedule, and decreases carbon footprints. Early testing shows Victor can improve construction productivity by over 20%.
Ferrovial, Glideology, BRE, Bentley Systems and Evercam
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